Premiere: tmdistant Blends Melody and Intensity in the Painfully Honest “I Don’t Need a Therapist”

June 30, 2022

With so many forces cultural, systemic, and bio-chemical impacting all of us, breaking the stigma of talking about mental health is more urgent than ever. The latest single from Essex songwriter tmdistant finds the 19 year old engaged in a brutally honest dialog with himself about his mental health. The song pulls from an array of seemingly contradictory influences to amplify the contradictions at the heart of his struggle. Seamlessly blending a pop melodicism with a post-hardcore intensity, tmdistant’s latest is a gut-punch of a track. A chemical reaction of contradictions that finds the singer wrestling with problems that have no easy answer. As emo guitars give way to industrial distortion, tmdistant’s yearning vocals stretch compellingly over the fray.



tmdistant says of the inspiration behind the track: “Losing someone so close to you really does something to you forever. I had to deal with this on my own at around 14 or 15, quite a tender age. My mum was around, but wasn’t if you know what I mean. She was dealing with it the best she could and so was I. Now she had to work extra hard to be able to take care of us. Life was hard. And depression was harder.”


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