Sebastian Richey


Exclusive Premiere! Fight the Greys With Cleveland Avenue’s Massive New Single “Colors”

June 16, 2022

“I’m getting tired of watching myself fade to grey”


These classic emo vibes from Cleveland Avenue are hitting us right in the feels this morning. The band’s new single “Colors” is an ear-catching burst of emotion, with frontman Defonte Berry building his voice from heartfelt tenderness to a larynx shredding scream, while the band turns in some seriously deft guitar work. The band’s melding of midwest emo with classic pop punk and shades of metalcore creates a powder keg mix that underpins Berry’s surprisingly hopeful lyrics. Rarely has longing for connection and the struggle for self-acceptance been so compelling.


The band tells us “‘Colors’ is about the push and pull of your own internal monologue. It can be very easy to shut out the world and feel as if you have no one. You know you can reach out for help but your anxiety tells you that no one truly understands, or no one cares. We want ‘Colors’ to let people who feel that way know that they aren’t alone, because we feel that way too. No matter how dark it gets, life is still in full color, and you can’t let other people make you lose sight of that.”


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