Shauna Miller


Premiere! New Jack’s “Into the Sun” Pushes The Band Into The Stratosphere

May 27, 2022

Jack Swing’s 2019 single “City Flow” remains a staple around these parts. The indie band’s unique charisma and blend of styles has made them a standout in the scene, and they’re finally prepping a debut full length. The first single off the forthcoming set is the infectious “Into the Sun,” a hook-filled burst of gleeful nihilism. Driven by frontman Isaiah Ross’s cosmic vocals and propulsive guitar work, the song is a reminder to celebrate what we have while we have it.



Ross tells us: “‘Into the Sun’ is set within the parameters of the harsh realities that we have imposed upon ourselves, those which we all face the consequences of, whether or not choose to believe in them. As we all collectively fall ‘Into the Sun,’ the song serves to remind us to shrug off the trivial and find moments to enjoy the beauty around us. And in such times looking towards and learning from elements around us that have stood the test of time.”


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