Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami- The Highlights in Pictures

May 25, 2022

This past weekend, the AFROPUNK community gathered in Miami’s historic Overtown Neighborhood to witness the first ever Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami. The air was electric with excitement from the diverse community of artists, entrepreneurs, cosplayers, music enthusiasts who were there to witness history in the making. As with every other AFROPUNK event, there was no limit to how one could express themselves, whether it be through dance, music, clothes or even hair styles. Apart from music, attendees had the opportunity to support local businesses at the Spinthrift Market, buying anything from food, clothes and art. Assortments of hair products were available at The Hair & Beauty Village for all types of black hair. Planet AFROPUNK Live: Miami represented a wide array of people, the vast majority of whom represented their particular slice of the African Diaspora.

Here is a snapshot of in images in case you missed it: