Michael Brun’s Bayo Returns To New York and Boston

May 19, 2022

Michael Brun first debuted his Bayo live concept in the US in 2017. Since then he’s gone on to win a Latin Grammy, write multiple records with J Balvin including a World Cup anthem and a collaboration with Ed Sheeran, and release his acclaimed debut album. Through his work with Masego, Mr Eazi, Arcade Fire, Balvin and others, Brun has helped rewrite perceptions of his homeland and bring the sounds of the contemporary Afro-Caribbean diaspora to an ever widening audience. 

Brun has made it his mission to showcase the roots and rhythms of Haitian culture through his Bayo series, presenting more than 30 Haitian artists as part of one-off events and tours in North America, selling out Brooklyn Steel, U Street Music Hall, Paradise Rock Club, Miami’s Little Haiti, and even pioneering a live geo-fenced digital tour during the pandemic.

This Spring, Michael Brun’s Bayo will return, with two shows, Boston’s House of Blues on May 20th and NYC’s Pier 17 on May 21, before Brun curates an afternoon for Afropunk in Miami. At each event Brun’s sonic vision and hand picked-guests will transport audiences to the streets of his homeland and showcase like minded peers from across the globe.  Bayo means “to give” in Haitian Creole, and is based on the impromptu street parties, typically soundtracked by mobile sound-systems, and the traditional rhythms of RaRa that are popular across his homeland. These parties are essential to Haitian culture, providing an infrastructure that allows music to be heard and bubble up, artists a platform to DJ and perform, and a traditional gathering point for communities to come together and dance. 

New York will see special performances from Haitian songstress Naïka, Bronx rapper Lastmonday, who collaborated with Brun on the tracks ‘Sammy Sosa’ and ‘Ocho’, as well as congo drummer extraordinaire Jean Pierre, who will be providing intermissions. Between live performances, the nonstop music will continue with DJ sets from Kolo, Magic Kenny, and DJ Super Duke.  An eclectic sonic showing of all that Haiti has to offer, Bayo will explore the breadth and depth of Haitian creativity and shine a light on both the history and future of Afro-Caribbean music. 

May 20 @ House of Blues, Boston

May 21 @ Pier 17, NYC