Isaiah Sharkey Releases New Single “Stay”

May 7, 2022

Isaiah Sharkey, most well known for sharing the stage on guitar with John Meyer, D’Angelo, and others has returned to center stage with the release of his new single, “Stay”. Recorded during the Covid lockdown, the track is written, produced, and performed by Sharkey.  He also played all the instruments on the track. Inspired by a romantic encounter, the single off of his third upcoming project is a masterful melodic melodrama that maybe unintentionally captured the feelings of what many relationships sparked from during the lockdown. In “Stay” Sharkey iss able to curate a song to still give a vibey 70’s feel that conjures nostalgia and yet set itself apart from the recent throwback-themed projects a la Silk Sonic. Sharkey Says:

“… It was inspired by an encounter that I had on a cruise ship. Meeting a woman and connecting. You know, speaking and just having great conversation. I embellished on that story of two people meeting on a cruise and falling in love and not wanting to leave. And they end up staying together forever. It’s inspired by that story and also “Voyage to Atlantis” by the Isleys.”

“Stay” sets the perfect mood for love both new and old or just to reminisce on one that might have gotten away. 

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