Kenny Savercool


Exclusive: Baltimore’s End It Take On Gatekeeping In Hardcore With The Fierce “Hatekeeper”

May 25, 2022

Every scene has ’em: the self-appointed gatekeepers who use their power privilege and influence to dictate who and what is and isn’t welcome in a scene ostensibly built around inclusivity and nonconformity. If you’ve spent more than 15 minutes in hardcore, you know them well. Baltimore’s End It take on the phenomenon with their fierce new single “Hatekeeper.” The raw and acerbic track finds frontman Akil hurling takedowns at those who see themselves as the sole arbiters of punk over blistering riffs. It’s a righteous and unforgettable opening salvo from a band who refuses to be held down or kept back. “Hatekeeper” hails from the band’s forthcoming EP, Unpleasant Living, out July 8th on Flatspot Records.



Akil tells us: “’Hatekeeper’ is a song about gatekeeping hardcore. It’s about keeping the tourists from getting comfortable enough to dictate what’s right and what’s wrong. Knowing they won’t be around to deal with the after-effects.” He adds, “For the music video, we went with the Player Hater’s Ball theme from one of our favorite shows, The Chappelle Show.”


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