Dani Monteiro


Brazilian Band, Punho De Mahin Release “EMBATE & ANCESTRALIDADE”

April 14, 2022

A punk band born in November 2018 made up of friends who decided to set up a project highlighting a theme little discussed in the punk scene and the underground in general: The black in society. Addressing questions about structural racism, as well as machismo, sexism, repression of subjugated minorities, intolerance, police violence, and other social ills. Punho de Mahin refers to Luíza Mahin who would have been a princess in Costa Mina, Africa, province of Mahi, brought as a slave to Bahia in the 19th century. Intelligent and articulate, she conquered her freedom, gathered allies in several revolts, the most emblematic being the Revolta dos Malês. Mother of the greatest lawyer, abolitionist and black poet of history: Luiz Gama.

Luiz Gama speaks of his mother as “a pagan who always refused baptism and Christian doctrine”. There are few records about the life and history of Luiza Mahin, which does not surprise us, because throughout the history of humanity, black people, and especially black women, had their histories hidden, distorted, and whitened. It wouldn’t be different, or even worse, when it comes to a black and enslaved woman.

Initially composed of members with long experience in the underground and from other bands such as Condenados (Natália Matos); Bandido da Luz Vermelha and Matricis (Camila Araujo); Vozes Incomodas (Paulo Tertuliano) and Ódio Brutal (André Luiz). With that, some songs were born bringing together the influences of each member. Thus, we can hear a Direct Punk with references to hardcore, a D-beat spice, and rich lyrical content.

In October 2019, the original bassist André left the band he had helped and contributed to the compositions until then. Bassist DüCosta was invited to hold the bass – who already played in B cap (RapCore) and followed the band as a fan. Identified with the theme, he became part of the team that remains active in its objective of promoting Black Culture.

In 2021 it was released by 1º Andar Studio & Produções, Split – “RACISTAS OTÁRIOS NOS DEIXEM EM PAZ” in partnership with the band Sendo Fogo.

The Full Album “EMBATE & ANCESTRALIDADE” was released in CD format and a single on digital platforms in April. You can listen here.