Bradley J. Calder


5 New Punk and Alternative Videos You Need This Week

March 11, 2022

Riding a current high of highlights, the latest from Jean Dawson is moody, hypnotic, and fuzzed out in the best way. Dawson is always at his best when he pushes his sound and interests to their extremes, and this is definitely him at his best.



Oceanator‘s Nothing’s Ever Fine is top among our most anticipated records of 2022 and the new single from Elise Okusami only serves to turn up the anticipation. No-one makes bummed out anthems like Oceanator.



Militia Vox is one of those artists who is always pushing the boundaries of her work. From concept albums to multi-media hyper-narratives, she’s never anything less than ambitious. On her new single, a collaboration with symphonic metal outfit The Vaticants, Vox showcases the operatic flair that exists at the heart of her best tracks.



Maneka makes music that feels like a hazy memory of a truly weird-ass night. His songs are full of oblique lyrics and melting riffs that defy expectation. On “Bluest Star,” abstract visuals collide with the expressionistic audio in a way that demands you come along for the ride.



Austin punks Pleasure Venom‘s “Severed Ties” adds a touch of that classic Ebullition dissonance to massive effect. It’s easily their heaviest song to date, a rush of noisy passion that gives frontwoman Audrey Campbell room to scream her heart out.