Lesibu Grand goes new wave on the posi-core “Friends With My Friends”

February 17, 2022
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Even at their most angry and political, there’s always an undercurrent of intoxicating positivity to Lesibu Grand’s music. Sometimes its harnessed ironically as on their epic single “W.F.S.” but always there’s a sense of joy that permeates their music. On their latest, frontwoman Tyler-Simon Molton goes full posi-core with a celebration of community. Like the best cuts from Lesibu Grand, the hook is unshakable with a backbone that melds new wave and pop punk, but the sardonic bite of previous tracks is replaced by a joyful sincerity that’s impossible not to love.


The band explains: “After tackling a series of political and social issues in our previous releases, we wanted to write something uplifting and fun loving. Through the darkest days of the Trump and COVID era, we were able to rely on our friends to pick our spirits up and make us smile. That’s really special, and it deserves its own song. Our message is that friendships are very valuable and worth putting real effort into keeping them healthy and real, and that it’s important to make room for new friendships to keep your life interesting and unpredictable.”




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