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Jeen-Yuhs: Act 2 (I’m tryna catch the beat)

February 26, 2022
This time around I didn’t even attempt to stay up until 3AM. As a matter of fact – I waited until the very end of the day to watch Part 2 of Jeen-Yuhs, after a few drinks at OFFSUIT in Boston. Lemon afghani was the complimentary snack for the viewing. Let me tell you, when it all falls down, it really does. 
The biggest difference between Part 1 and Part 2 was getting a clearer understanding of how much confidence and determination was needed to actually make Kanye West a household name. When we think about “Through the Wire” and learn that even though he was signed to his dream label, he wasn’t receiving the support needed. So rather than mope and find himself tucked away in a corner somewhere crying, he spent his own money to make it happen. We can’t help but respect the hustle. Here is where we see the early glimmer of a boss in Kanye, the relentless desire to be great. 
One of the synchronous things about this episode is the ancillary excellence that surrounded it’s release. Let’s all step back for a minute and think about the past few weeks. The breakups, the hopeful make ups, the new prospects, the mid-divorce meltdown, Kanye the dad… All of these factors come to mind as I got the notification that the YEEZY Balenciaga GAP collaboration was now available, and that Donda 2 was only being released on the Kanye West stem player. Now say what you will but when it comes to challenging the face of business with very intimidating eye contact, Ye has this. He is single-handedly shaping the way that musicians do business, and he wants his money. He doesn’t want some of it, he wants all of it, and based on how Dame Dash shelved him for over a year, I get it. I’d want it too.

Call Your Coodie Right Now

Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life that you know would drop whatever they were doing to meet you wherever you were. Coodie is that guy. We learned more about his upbringing in the first episode. The most impactful part of Coodie’s role in episode 2, however, is his continued support of Kanye, even when Kanye told him that he wanted Hype Williams to do the video for Jesus Walks. After Coodie did everything that he could to support Kanye for Through The Wire, he never spoke negatively about Kanye wanting to bring in a different director for Jesus Walks. He seemingly accepted the request and continued to do work for other artists. This is a true friend right here. One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Kanye called Coodie to film his version of Jesus Walks (which by the way is funny as hell with fake Jesus driving while Kanye rides passenger.) Not because he needed Coodie to do this, but likely because he knew that Coodie deserved the opportunity to do so. Oftentimes we put romantic relationships at the center of our universe, when really love takes many forms. The love and admiration that Kanye received from his boy Coodie was a significant contribution to his character. I mean this man was literally in the dentist office zooming in on Kanye’s bloody gums as he was getting his wires removed. Stop what you’re doing right now and call your Coodie to tell them how much you appreciate them. 

She said she wants some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita

Two words: Jamie Foxx 
Ok. The volume on my MacBook Pro is on full blast right now. Watching the chemistry between Jamie Foxx and Kanye West, as they lay the foundation for Slow Jamz, has got to be one of the most historical moments in the documentary. For some reason whenever I hear this song, I can actually see the words taking form. Quite literally, I envision the full vibe of what Kanye and Jamie were trying to do with this track. The harmonies flow like mercury and it’s clear that these two were made to work together. Imagining that we may not have this track should Ye and Jamie had never met is a horrific thought. The velvet undertones, the timeless bassline and the effortless concentration of old school references makes this scene one of my favorites. This is another prime example of the importance of friendships that contribute to your success. It seemed to me that the theme of this episode was just that, the power of your orbit. The push and pull of the gravitational effect that occurs when imagination meets execution, and you are supported by other galaxies who are aligned with the vision.

If the Manager Assaults Me Again, I Will Be Assaulting Him

We all know that Kanye worked at the GAP. Not only did Kanye work at the GAP he quit the GAP. Not only did he quit the GAP, he has since inked a deal with GAP that will forever change the way the brand interacts with high fashion. This 10 Year Yeezy GAP deal is valued at close to $950 MILLION. When we hear Kanye go in on his experience of working at the GAP and hearing that perhaps he was accused of “stealing khakis” truly makes me cackle. I remember working at the GAP at some point in my adolescence for $10 an hour and a 50% discount. I also remember walking the hell out during the holiday season when the manager condescendingly mentioned that I didn’t put the shoes away properly. It’s eerily reminiscent of the present and the great resignation, where people are literally leaving their jobs because, whether they want to admit it or not, they have some Ye in them. Deep down they know it’s some bullshit, and quite frankly, enough is enough.  The vision has always been crystal clear with Ye. The Midas touch would be an understatement, because though gold is continuing to rise in value, the truth is music, lyricism and production is far more valuable especially when it’s based on truth
Don’t be mad but: 
Jay Z and Kanye In The Studio
To be honest, I didn’t love this part of episode two. I feel like Jay was still larger than Ye and Ye was still trying to impress Jay. In my opinion, Kanye West is a better lyricist than Jay Z. I can understand that Jay is and was the boss at the time, and of course, there’s something to be said about respecting your management and not flexing too hard, but I look forward to seeing how their relationship evolves in the final episode. My edit wouldn’t have included this scene but respect always and forever for that verse on “Bounce”. 
The Yeezy Cobalt Blue GAP Hoodie Fits Perfectly,