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here are top 5 apps you should be downloading this black history month

February 4, 2022

This Black History Month we’re celebrating the other Black experience and what it means to be Black in the US. We’re looking beyond the past traumas experienced by Black folk and acknowledging disruptors that have propelled our people forward. We’re sharing stories of black joy, Black art, Black fashion and the new age geniuses taking over tech. To kick things off, we have listed our top five apps from Black developers!

We Read Too: Founded by Kaya Thomas in 2014, We Read Too has grown to be a reliable hub for Black literature. Fed up with not having easy access to Black literature, Kaya developed the app as a directory where you easily find books by writers of color that feature main characters of color. The app features a variety of works by people of color and is largely for young people ranging from foundation phase to high school and genres for young adults: We Read Too is available on iOS and Android: iTunes: Google Play:

Afro Emoji: We all love using emojis to show our different expressions, but for the longest time, there’s been minimal representation for Black people. As we’re a diverse, multicultural people, we sometimes need to accurately depict what we’re trying to relay, using expressions that are related to our culture. Afro Emoji is a cool fun app by Ayoola Daramola that gives access to iMassage stickers that are dressed in various traditional wear. Afro Emoji is only available on iOS. 

For The Culture: Next time you’re hosting a games night, we recommend you get this app. For The Culture is an interactive games app that aims to preserve Black pop-culture. The app founded by Teddy Phillips features topics on  African American Culture, History, Music and Film into a game that you can play anywhere with your friends and family. You can download the app on iOS and Google Play.

Eat Okra: If there’s one thing you should do on BHM, it’s letting that dollar circulate within our people. You feel me? Eat Okra has made it easy for you to connect with Black owned restaurants, food trucks and eateries across the US. The app has dedicated to building a community of food lovers and Black entrepreneurs by developing an all in one marketplace. Founded by Anthony Edwards Jr and Janique Bradley in 2016, Eat Okra has grown to supporting upcoming food businesses through their partnerships with leading brands. You can download the app on iOS and Google Play.

Legal Equalizer: Following the tragic death of Micheal Brown the hands of police in Ferguson, app developer, Mbye Njie was inspired to take action that could possibly save another Black life. Legal Equalizer is an app that records real time encounters with police officers and sends the information to your selected contacts. The app also provides a lawyer access to the recordings and you can get real time legal advice. You can download the app on iOS and Google Play:



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