hardcore legends rebelmatic share new single “walk on water” and talk finding the fuel for their fire

February 4, 2022

RebelMatic have been a highlight of the Brooklyn AFROPUNK Fest since the early days. Known for their high octane live show, and epic sing-along choruses, the hardcore legends return with their newest single “Walk on Water.” The track celebrates perseverance and thriving in the face of chaos, and hails from their forthcoming new EP Mourning Dove. With a rumored guest spot from Fishbone icon Angelo Moore, Mourning Dove drops this spring. We got a chance to catch up with RebelMatic frontman Creature and check in about how they thrive through the chaos.




What’s the new song about?

The new song is about going through all of the things in the world now, realizing it’s very similar to the past that black people had to overcome. every day, having your sanity and literally fighting for your life. feels like a miracle or they impossible ie “Walking on Water”


How did the collaboration with Angelo Moore come about?

Angelo is a friend of ours. We toured with him in 2013 and stayed in tune, so when it was it was time to collaborate just was a phone call to make happen.


Where do you guys find the inspiration to keep growing and challenging yourselves as a band?

We love what we are doing and the people that support us fuel our fire.


How has the past two years impacted RebelMatic?

The past two years we stayed very productive–played over 60 shows, 33 pop-up shows, went on tour, did documentary with Doc Martens, and appeared on Vans TV.. release our album Ghost in the Shadows, recorded a whole bunch of new music. became a tighter-knit family. it reminds us to show gratitude.


What have been the records you’ve turned to to help get through the turmoil?

Sly and the Family Stone, Bad Brains, James Brown, Gil Scott Heron, Fanny Lou Hammer, and our new music.


What plans do you guys have for 2022?

We plan on releasing our first single “Walk on Water” from our new EP Mourning Dove. the EP will be out in the Spring. We are going on tour for the spring and some of the summer. We plan on having a full-length release by the fall. So stay busy, positive, and productive.


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