ADPTD Releases Highly Anticipated, Poignant Rock EP “Bedroom Walls”

February 25, 2022

Today Adptd releases their hard-hitting, fully DIY debut EP “Bedroom Walls.” Alongside the EP release is a music video for the beloved title track, “Bedroom Walls.” Frontwoman and musical mastermind Josie Randle conjured up the collection of songs when introspection and creativity took hold inside her very own bedroom. The alternative rock inspired collection of songs opens up discussions about political racism, relationships, depression, spirituality, and more. Behind the riffs is a desire to invoke change and unity by emotionally resonating with her listeners: 

“It takes a lot of time and emotion to heal. Writing these songs in my bedroom studio and working through so many feelings I’ve endured and experienced let me really dig into these songs and production. There’s definitely lots of hard truths, mental health strains, loss of loved ones and more poured into these songs but

music has allowed me to open up and share these emotions and feelings I’ve gone through. I hope listeners will be able to relate to the vibe of these songs and the lyrics as well. I’m stoked to be able to finally release this album and eventually start playing shows.” – Josie Randle, Adptd.

Adptd is composed of Josie Randle (Singer, Song-writer, Guitarist, Producer) a woman of color who is in fact, adopted with a story to tell. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with many friends and musicians globally as she has created this unique, emotive, alternative rock record in the Adptd Studio (aka bedroom). The debut EP ‘Bedroom Walls’ truly reflects off the walls themselves. 

Adptd draws her ambient, yet heavy musical sound from a love of 2000s emo rock, top 40 hits, and many other current artist within the pop/rock, pop-punk, and hardcore scene. Though Adptd may be a new project for her, she is no stranger to touring and being in a band as you may be familiar with her previous 3 piece Eye the Realist. With Adptd you can expect raw vulnerability with a focus on the deep feelings of anxiety, depression, political racism and how those experiences collectively impact one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

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