malik english makes pop punk for a new era on the impossibly catchy “feel it”

January 31, 2022

“I feel it, I feel it
I feel it too”


On his latest single “Feel It,” Brooklyn singer Malik English deftly melds a classic pop punk sound with a modern energy. It’s an impossibly catchy song that still captures the DIY spirit; a perfect mix of tight production and raw emotion. It’s a song that calls back to the days before emo was a dirty word; when breakup anthems belonged in the pit just as much as ragers. You can almost feel the floorboards pumping beneath the weight of a crowd shouting along as Malik hits the hook. If this song doesn’t have you feeling it, your feelings might be broken.


Malik explains: “‘Feel It’ is that song you jump around in your room to when no one’s looking. I wanted to make it fun and take it back to that garage-band, 2000s MTV era. It’s important for me to constantly show how versatile I am & redefine the stereotypes of what artists that look like me can do.”


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