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black pantera return with a vengeance on “padrão é o caralho”

January 24, 2022
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A coisa tá linda
A coisa tá preta


At this point, it’s hard to think of another band that’s sustained a run of greatness like Brazilian crossover thrash trio Black Pantera. Since their first singles in 2014, the band’s sonic onslaughts have jumped from height to height, and their latest “Padrão É O Caralho” signals they have no intention of slowing down any time soon. The taut 3 minute track is a celebration of the African Diaspora and a condemnation of the whitewashing of history and culture. Their trademark interplay of bass and guitar is on full display here, highlighting some of their tightest bass work to date. The new cut comes from their forthcoming full length out March 11th.



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