afropunk presents – sound therapy sessions: the maskerade

January 24, 2022

Afropunk in partnership with Pillar Consulting and CEO Dr. Bahby Banks will curate conversations covering social matters ranging from Covid-19 to healthcare. Through this partnership, our audience will be able to engage in a unique experience of expert-driven community conversations to promote knowledge, understanding, and empathy within our intersecting identities. Live music, deep conversations, and communal hope and healing are all on the table with AFROPUNK Sound Therapy Sessions. 

Our first event, THE MASKERADE, medical experts Dr. Tasha Dixon, Dr. Byron Young, Dr. Bahby Banks, and host Ebonee Davis along with invited guests discussed the challenges of healthcare in the black community during the Covid-19 pandemic through a Candid and engaging social conversation. Watch now on PlanetAFROPUNK.