Morgan Klein


beauty pill has the answer to what’s missing on new single “you need a better mind”

November 3, 2021

The venerable DC indie outfit Beauty Pill has spent a career crafting meticulous odes to the art of not fitting in. Their latest, inspired by a short film, builds from a wilting 303 to a massive explosion of sound where guitars and electronics collide organically beneath Chad Clark’s world-weary vocals. He describes it as a “song is about the scourge of American loneliness.” For a band whose output spans decades and genres, “You Need A Better Mind” serves as the ideal entry point for new listeners. It’s the perfect encapsulation of the band’s intersection of sly humor and deep introspection, expansive arrangements, and driving instrumentation that has kept the collective so vital for so long.



The new single hails from the band’s forthcoming Instant Night EP which was recorded on a rooftop under careful social distancing due to the ongoing pandemic and bandleader Chad Clark’s heart condition. The EP is out December 3rd via Northern Spy. It will be available on clear vinyl and a clear CD. Follow @BeautyPill for more.