Saru Hagher


paris texas level up on the genre-defying “red hand akimbo”

October 22, 2021

Barely 2 releases in, LA’s Paris Texas have earned the right to do whatever the fuck they want. After turning heads with the standout BOY ANONYMOUS this past spring, their surprise drop of Red Hand Akimbo expands and refines their sound without losing an ounce of the shagginess that made BOY ANONYMOUS so infinitely listenable. The guitars are sharper now, and Louie Pastel and Felix’s verses are as honest and unflinching as ever. Running between swagger and self-doubt in the span of a single line, highlights like “RHM” and the post-punk “BULLSEYE” firmly cement the duo’s status as one of the brightest new voices in the scene. The tracks are woven together with narration that would do Vincent Price proud, hinting at without getting bogged down in a larger story. Whatever the next chapter has in store, we’re ready.



Paris, Texas heads on tour in support of Brockhampton this spring. Follow @ParisTexas on Instagram for more.