Jawan Scott


guitar gabby & the txlips band tear it up on the new video for “the dead pool”

October 8, 2021

Guitar Gabby has a resume that would humble just about anyone. A background in environmental and music law, a writer for She Shreds and Guitar World, and the driving force behind The TxLips Band, she recently dropped the single for “The Dead Pool.” Revisiting a song she began early in the career, Guitar Gabby & The TxLips Band transforms the wreckage of a failed relationship into anthemic alt rock. The song has hooks for days, and a video that showcases Guitar Gabby’s epic stage presence. We recently checked in with the polymath artist about learning from your past self and finding strength out of the brokenness.



You originally wrote “Dead Pool” back in 2011, right? Were there any discoveries you made recording it? Did you need to do anything to get back in that headspace?

Well, I wrote in 2010 on the floor in my Spelman College dorm room crying after a broken relationship. I definitely realized a lot about myself while writing it, one of those things being how hard it can be to deal with brokenness, no matter what type of relationship. In terms of getting into the right headspace, I had to learn to channel my emotions in a direction that would yield something great. The exercise of channeling my emotions in that situation helped me grow in my writing and as a person.


Was there anything you learned from your past self while recording it? Anything you wish you could tell your past self that you know now?

100% I learned that I had to learn to be more comfortable with being alone. This industry is one that can change people the higher you climb. You can’t take everyone with you but one thing that always remains is you. My past self would definitely tell my current self to love me for who I am more and explore the things I like more. I held myself back on a lot of things because I wasn’t secure in who I was becoming, and I wasn’t confident in being a boss as Black woman that was passionate about something I would later realize I am very good at.


How has the pandemic influenced your artmaking?

It has been tough, to be honest. Things have been more difficult for everyone in this industry and I 100%struggled at first. I eventually pushed through some of the challenges and came out stronger. The pandemic has yielded so much growth for Guitar Gabby & The TxLips Band, LLC. We have truly had nothing but blessings this year and I am looking forward to what 2022 has to hold.


Tell me a little about your appearance in The Harder They Fall. Is there anything you’re allowed to tell us about how that came about?

Yes! So I got a dm from a casting director one day who was looking for Black female musicians for a Netflix original directed by Jeymes Samuel aka The Bullitts. I flew out to New Mexico and realized they were still looking for more Black female musicians so I called two of the TxLips Gang members, Planet Vness (who plays keys in the film), and Jae Stix (who plays drums), and of course, I was on guitar. We had a great time being on set with Idris Elba, LaKeith Stanfield, Regina King and so more talented Black actors and actresses. It is a timepiece that follows the story of “an outlaw that discovers his enemy as he is being released from prison. He reunites his gang to seek revenge in this Western” (from IMDb). The movie will hit Netflix this coming Nov. 3. It was a great opportunity that has opened more doors to blessings I will be able to share soon!


What’s next for you and the band?

I am working on a re-release of my catalog but with a twist. I will be starting with The Dead Pool remix that will be out soon. We are also gearing up for TxLips Give Back which is our annual partnership with local nonprofits that work to provide food, clothing, shelter, resources, and workshops on the music business and law to LGBTQ+ youth. We will be doing one in ATL this Nov. and one in the DMV this Dec. We invite everyone to learn more about last year’s TxLips Give Back here and follow me on IG @guitargabby to catch more of what we have going on!