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up & personal with afropunk veteran host, gitoo!

September 16, 2021

If you have attended any of our AFROPUNK festivals or have perused our platforms, you will have undoubtedly noticed Jorge “Gitoo” Wright, a figure that has become synonymous with AFROPUNK’s community. With every festival,  as a host, Gitoo brings carefree and contagious energy that expands to everyone watching. As we’re approaching AFROPUNK Atlanta, we had a quick sit down with the multi-faceted producer, model, and stylist to find out what they’re looking forward to in this year’s festival.

You’ve been with AFROPUNK for a number of years now and have witnessed many festivals. How did it start for you? What made you decide to be part of the team and stick around all these years?

I started AFROPUNK by hosting their Battle of the Bands competition back in 2015 (I think). Beyond hosting the festivals I’ve worked with them on so many things from event producing, writing, and even casting. I stuck around because they treat me like family.

Some people might’ve been introduced to you through AFROPUNK, but who is Gitoo outside of AFROPUNK, and what fuels your creativity?

I’m a very humble person (lol) but I’m from NYC born and raised so I do a lot. From fashion to casting to TV hosting, I’m in these streets. The city definitely fuels my creativity. Also, my Gmail fuels me. I love a new opportunity!

On your experience being with AFROPUNK, what are some of the memorable moments you’ve had?

My favorite AP had to be AP South Africa (2 years ago I think). We brought in the new year to beautiful music, amazing people, and a downpour of some cleansing ass rain. It was a sublime experience, I felt reborn.

AFROPUNK Atlanta is coming up, and this is the first live festival since Covid-19 became a thing! What are you anticipating right now?

I can’t wait to hear the new artists performing. Atlanta really has some raw talent that I haven’t heard of before. I’m ready to expand my musical library!

Do you think Covid has enhanced the live festival experience or has taken away from it? Especially with festivals like AFROPUNK with a close-knit community.

It’s been taking away from it, sorry I can’t lie. But we will push through.

What’s one thing do you always look forward to at AFROPUNK festivals? 

Making new connections and friendships. I have literally lifelong friends I’ve met at AFROPUNK.

Any acts you’re excited about this year? 


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