Lesibu Grand


lesibu grand’s “i’m not sorry” is one more reason to be psyched for afropunk atlanta

September 22, 2021

“I should say sorry to myself
But I’m not sorry”


If you weren’t already psyched to catch rising Atlanta punks Lesibu Grand at this week’s AFROPUNK Fest, their latest single is a feast. Slowing down the tempo without losing the intensity, “I’m Not Sorry” matches the band’s finely tuned pop-punk perfection with a classic wall of sound that would do Joey Ramone proud. It’s an earworm and a half detailing the inescapable gravity of a toxic relationship. Singer Tyler-Simone Molton slyly throws the blame around and then throws it out the window. The dysfunction is mirrored in Mattiel’s stop motion video whose paper cutouts snap in and our of images like Molton’s search for reasons to stay or leave.



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