Hollow Sinatra


hollow sinatra drops delirious cyberpunk single “my favorite hierarchy” before taking the afropunk stage

September 23, 2021

The retro-futurist cyberpunk that Hollow Sinatra has spent the past year fine tuning provides a perfect platform for his continued evisceration of our willing participation in the panopticon. “My Favorite Hierarchy” directs its precision cut breakbeats towards the ways we’ve used the technology that was intended to be a democratizing force to replicate and strengthen our social hierarchies. “Privacy is something that seems like a natural right of ours…but over the past couple of years, social media shows the opposite,” he says. The track’s rave-tinged atmosphere conjures up both the 90’s false promise of techno-utopia and William Gibson’s increasingly accurate predictions of tech dystopia, with his vocals splitting from a croon to a glare.



Ahead of Hollow Sinatra’s performance at this week’s AFROPUNK ATLANTA, we got a chance to check in with the expectation-defying performer about what to expect.


What does playing the festival mean to you?

Playing Afropunk is a means of extending bandwidth. It’s an opportunity to connect to thousands of people. That’s a chance to connect to 1000 ears!

What other acts are you most excited about seeing?

I am extremely excited about Rico Nasty obviously haha!

What should folks who have never seen you perform look forward to seeing?

An exhilarating and energetic spectacle.


Catch Hollow Sinatra this weekend at AFROPUNK FEST and follow @hollowsinatra for more.