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afropunk & adidas embrace the naked truth with the new reimagined triple platforum

September 14, 2021
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Following a successful release in June, AFROPUNK and adidas have once again collaborated on an inspired release of the TRIPLE PLATFORUM. The new TRIPLE PLATFORUM takes its inspiration from AFROPUNK’s iconic black & white silhouette that has become synonymous with the brand’s non-conformist spirit. The new sneaker is the second release in the collaboration between AFROPUNK and adidas, under the campaign of “Live the F@%k Out Loud’.  Revolutionizing the sport of basketball on the court in the decades since its inception, the TRIPLE PLATFORUM has evolved from the forum to become a style icon, and the silhouette represents an open invitation for self-expression. adidas has been at the forefront as a global designer and developer of athletic footwear and apparel. With this new release, we’ve revamped the much loved Forum to new heights that will continue the shoe’s legacy as a cultural icon that transcends fashion trends. The newest iteration of the Forum echoes the traditional form of the sneaker but also is relevant for today’s changemakers.

With the new TRIPLE PLATFORUM available worldwide and online on the 24th of September, AFROPUNK and adidas have pushed the concept of being unapologetic with your truth and identified creatives that have made remarkable strides in the creative space. For the new campaign, the influencers embrace the beauty of their skin without fear of judgement. This new campaign drop will revolve around artist and Brooklyn Native, Junglepussy, non-binary TikTok content creator, Antoni Bumba, and bionic model and singer-songwriter, Marsha Elle, photographed by the up and coming Christian Cody who captures these young creatives telling their stories via evocative images and videos that see them telling the naked truth in the new TRIPLE PLATFORUM’S. AFROPUNK and adidas have always embraced the forward movement of the culture, tackling hard truths through unconventional fashion that challenges the status quo. The TRIPLE PLATFORUM is a reimagined classic silhouette made for a new generation that does not hide behind labels or fear of judgements and makes daring decisions to empower themselves.

Anita Asante, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships at AFROPUNK, said: “What has brought AFROPUNK and adidas together is a set of shared values of wanting to provide a platform for young, black creative voices to express themselves freely through art, fashion and music. Partnering with adidas is a special moment for us. Our community continues to move culture forward with ingenuity and resistance, and this year we will celebrate the innovators across our global community of tastemakers who are creating a new world before your eyes. ‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ is AFROPUNK’s rallying cry to the collective resilience and genius of the global Black community and we are celebrating the grit and determination that has brought us this far with our AFROPUNK exclusive TRIPLE PLATFORUM.

AFROPUNK has dedicated efforts to building spaces that empower their community to be themselves unapologetically. Their contributions to culture have been translated through music, photography, literature and fashion, creating a golden thread of Blackness that connects our global community and provides a platform to elevate their unique perspective on the world to ultimately create the color, gender, belief, origin, ability and sexuality-inclusive future we all dream of. This exciting and iconic partnership creates a movement that permeates through diverse cultures, gender politics, and race to drive a unified narrative that allows people to live without fear of being themselves. Our audiences continuously shifts and breaks down boundaries surrounding identity and self-expression, and with this partnership,  we have created a tangible product that tells this story. The shoes are a celebration of ownership, power and represent joy, resilience and being loud, a symbol that our community can wear loud and proudly.

The adidas TRIPLE PLATFORUM​​ is characterized by a triple-stacked sole constructed from supple leather on the upper, then branded with adidas insignias, including Three Stripes and the iconic Trefoil logo on the tongue. The shoe is available worldwide on September 24th and for purchase online and at selected retailers. Stay tuned for more. For more information, drops and news on the release, please follow our social platforms @afropunk @adidasoriginals #adidasforum.


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