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shining the spotlight on atlanta’s top food spots by black entrepreneurs

August 4, 2021

There’s no denying that ATLANTA is one of America’s biggest cultural hubs and has had an impact influencing many other states in music, language, creative arts, and most notably food. Atlanta’s rich Black history and culture have been at the forefront of cuisine ingenuity since the Jim Crow era where people of colour were treated as second-class citizens, given ingredients considered undesirable by white people. Where white people failed to see the potential of using these unwanted ingredients, Black people created iconic dishes that shaped American cuisine and are today’s staples in many homes. The culture of creativity in the kitchen has not stopped and today we look at some of ATLANTA’s notable food spots where you can enjoy an authentic Southern dish when attending #AFROPUNKATLANTA2021.

Slutty Vegan: Slutty Vegan is Pinky Cole’s brainchild who started the vegan restaurant chain in a food truck back in 2018. The restaurant is a great alternative for those who want delicious vegan fast food without compromising on taste and their cheek n tongue menu has options that will leave anyone satisfied. Pinky Cole has been quoted saying ” “Our mission isn’t to tell people to go vegan–but rather, to inspire guests to open up horizons with something new and different.” Currently Slutty Vegan has three locations in Atlanta, with plans of expanding to other cities outside of the state of Georgia. You can check them out on https://sluttyveganatl.com/ or follow them on Instagram @sluttyveganatl

Sublime Donuts: When Kamal Grant was young, he knew from the beginning that sweet treats made people happy. While in high school, a visit from a Dunkin’ Donuts exec ignited his ambition to start his own business selling confectioneries. Today, Sublime Donuts offers Atlanta dozens of assorted donuts that range from pistachio cannoli, CBD coconut cream, cotton candy, and other flavors unique to the establishment. You can find Sublime Donuts on http://www.sublimedoughnuts.com/ or follow them on Instagram @sublime_donutshop.

Busy Bee: One can’t mention Atlanta’s food scene without including the iconic Busy Bee. Established in 1947 by the legendary Lucy Jackson, also known as Miss Lucy. Many civil rights activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King Junior frequented Busy Bee whenever they were in Atlanta. The Gates Family took ownership of the Busy Bee in 1981 and have kept the menu to remain authentic Southern soul food Atlanta is known for around the world. So when you’re in Atlanta and have a craving for deep-fried chicken or other famous Southern dishes, make sure to pop in at The Busy Bee. You can find The Busy Bee on https://www.thebusybeecafe.com/ or follow them on Instagram @thebusybeeatl.

Just Add Honey: If you’re looking for a taste of adventure and something uniquely refreshing, Just Add Honey is a place for you. Founded by Brandi Shelton in 2006, Just Add Honey has been a mecca for tea lovers looking to explore an endless cup of flavors from around the world. Just Add Honey use an assortment of tea leaves, botanicals, fruits, and spices to create cups of tea that are memorable. Every single blend in a cup can be traced back to its original family farm, showing the care and dedication that goes into making a cup. You can find them on https://justaddhoney.net/pages/about-us or visit their Instagram page @justaddhoney.

Slim & Husky’s: Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria is a fast-casual, artisan pizza shop with a love for hip hop & R&B culture. With locally sourced ingredients and local craft brews, they build a community by advocating for the people and businesses that make every space great. The “hip-hop-inspired spot” founded by three Nashville natives aims to “invigorate less touched areas of the community through employment opportunities and accessible dining experiences including locally brewed craft beer and innovative pizza creations.” You can find them on https://slimandhuskys.com/ or follow their Instagram @slimandhuskys.



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