Seafoam Walls


seafoam walls conjure questions of the infinite on their latest singles

August 18, 2021

“The only thing definite
Is that we’re not infinite”


As anyone who caught them at AFROPUNK Black Spring can attest, Miami’s Seafoam WALLS have a gift for finding the beauty in the vast darkness. Their songs stretch out in infinite curlicues, expanding fractally, with a raw intensity always threatening to swallow up the whole thing. On their latest pair of singles, the trio captures a vibe that’s driving, ominous, gorgeous, and destructive like the now unstoppable sea level rise. Both “Root” and “Dependency” spend their runtime contemplating mortality and the infinite, refracting unexpected melodies beneath waves of fuzz and reverb, and like all the best post-punk ultimately settling on more questions than answers.




Seafoam WALLS’ forthcoming full length XVI drops November 12th. Follow them on Instagram @seafoamwalls to stay up to date!