Braylen Dion


the fashion statements at afropunk to inspire you ahead of afropunk atlanta in september

July 28, 2021

Over the years if you’ve attended AFROPUNK Festivals, it’s hard to ignore the vibrancy and uniqueness of the fashion. Unlike many other festivals, AFROPUNK has created a space of safety and freedom of expression, allowing festival-goers to be themselves unapologetically. Fashion at AFROPUNK Festivals is not driven by the desire to outdress, but rather to inspire and set a statement for what individuals believe in. As we prepare for AFROPUNK ATLANTA, let’s take a look at some fashion moments to inspire everyone attending the festival this year. Images by Braylen Dion and Anthony Truth Gary.


With AFROPUNK ATLANTA happening on September 25 – 26, it’ll be exciting to see what fashion looks standout this year. Remember to purchase tickets right here.