blvck hippie’s “technicolor” is pure indie rock poetry

July 27, 2021
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Over a loping 6/8 beat and washed out guitars, the latest from Memphis’ Blvck Hippie is an existential crisis in song. Josh Shaw has an undeniable talent for capturing translating emotional vulnerability into off-kilter indie rock hooks. His songs swerve into unexpected beauty as he perfectly captures that moment when lying in bed after a few too many drinks, you find yourself cataloging all the ways it all went wrong. It’s the sort of track that invites obsessive repeat listens, expansive and immediate. Lots of musicians mistakenly fancy themselves poets (I say this as a person who took one for the team and read Billie Corgan’s poetry book in its entirety), but Blvck Hippie’s “Technicolor” is absolute poetry.


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