union of knives returns triumphant from 14 year hiatus with the haunting and expansive “there’s a river”

June 25, 2021
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It’s been 14 years since Union of Knives went on hiatus, but the years have been generous to them. Their lush blending of post-punk, goth, industrial, and trip-hop no longer feels decades ahead of its time, merely years. The haunting “There’s a River” finds vocalist Anthony Thomaz trying to find clarity through dream-like lines, each verse cast off into the sea of synths like a message in a bottle. There’s a darkness around the edge of the production that adds a bitter irony to Thomaz’ invocation to “calm down.” But there is hope in this apocalypse. As Thomaz explains, “‘There’s a River’ is a song about going forward with clarity and pushing through the surrounding noise by simplifying the complex. A conversation to self.”



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