lesibu grand’s “not sweet enough” hides some serious bite behind its pop punk hooks

May 28, 2021

Atlanta-based Lesibu Grand have a rare gift for taking serious issues and condensing them into a candy-coated punk confection, and their latest is no exception. “Not Sweet Enough” is a middle finger aimed squarely at the patriarchy. The impossibly catchy track finds vocalist Tyler-Simone Molton spitting out invectives at “the grey boys who run the South,” choice couplets like “you took my choice / I have no voice,” before closing out with the defiant reminder “that’s right, I’m not sweet enough.”


Says Molton of the new single: “We were inspired by the #metoo movement that swept social media a few years ago and wanted to share what it feels like to be exposed to unwanted sexual attention by those in power,” adding, “We call out the lawmakers, specifically in Georgia where we live, and warn them of our resistance – although they write state law and want to use it to control our bodies, women and their allies can organize, speak our minds, energize popular opinion which is still pro-choice, and ‘bring them doom’ by voting them out of office.”



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