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south african rock band blk jks link up with morena leraba in the new video for harare

April 12, 2021
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South African rock band, BLK JKS, returns with Morena Leraba for the video of their lead single, “Harare”. “Harare” is a powerful song about human nature and the need for movement, taken from BLK JKS‘ forthcoming album ‘Abantu / Before Humans set to be released in May. The music video for “Harare” is a visual tone poem, inspired by the music of BLK JKS. It’s a digital meditation on the idea of migration, through space and time, from womb to tomb. Alongside Lesotho’s vocalist, Morena Leraba, the clip also features South African world-renowned multi-disciplinary fine artist Nandipha Mntambo in a starring role.