Saru Hagher


paris texas take an axe to the grind on “force of habit”

April 15, 2021
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“Your season is over
Got yo jersey hung up”

Jangly guitars and laconic bass float through the ether while the duo trade scattered verses on “Force of Habit,” making a meal out of malaise. Paris Texas have yet to drop a debut, and so far have only let glimpses shine in singles, but the image is a project with almost unlimited depth. The blend of alt rock sensibilities with their abstract flows creates a sense of momentum even when their subject is stasis. Taking an axe to the grind of daily life, they perfectly capture that feeling of fighting against your own gravity. Coupled with a video that’s practically an art film on its own, “Force of Habit” makes the continuing case that Paris Texas’ forthcoming debut BOY ANONYMOUS can’t come soon enough.



BOY ANONYMOUS drops May 14th. Keep up with the band on Instagram via @paristexas