afropunk black spring is coming! everything you need to know about the first call to action of 2021

March 15, 2021

As the world and Black communities across the globe begin to recover from a year of massive upheaval, we are forging forward to create spaces of Black liberation and celebration. Our first festival and call to action this year is AFROPUNK BLACK SPRING, inspired by new beginnings and the changing season, our digital festival is taking place in a location that will melt away any winter blues. The events of the past year have brought conversations about nuanced and varied Black experiences across the diaspora. Looking toward the sun, we hope to let this festival be a re-imagining of Black unity and take the opportunity to celebrate our many Afro-Latin, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Descendant kinfolk.

Though we’re dealing with a new administration and hope with COVID vaccinations, there is still a well earned apprehension about the future, but our approach to healing comes from both the space of activism and spiritual healing. AFROPUNK BLACK SPRING hopes to introduce an open cultural convergence of Afro-Descendant music, culture and a deep dive into the intersections Afro-Latin, Afro-Caribbean and other layered identities of the Diaspora. BLACK SPRING will be bringing festivities, community engagement, thought provoking conversations, and affirm the diversity of Black voices, freedom, and power. BLACK SPRING AFROPUNK will be returning with our hit digital destinations:

SPINTHRIFT MARKET: Curated just for YOU – shop a market full of incredibly talented makers, selectors and curators from all across the diaspora. Look fly and make a statement while doing it.

BITES & BEATS: Food is essential for culture. Experience food demos featuring chefs, artists and DJ’s we love. Your souls will be fed.

HAIR & BEAUTY VILLAGE: Black hair is an art no matter how complex or simple the style. Our versatility exists throughout us, even in our follicles. The Hair & Beauty Village is an homage to Black hair in all its beauty.

ART & TIMES: Art & Times a digital gallery experience for you featuring some of our favorite visual artists from around the world. It is the space for artists to use their talents to cement love and demands into expression. These expressions become a blueprint to our liberation.

AFROPUNK BLACK SPRING date, location & 2021 Lineup will be announced in coming weeks and will feature some of the biggest acts from around the globe.

We look forward to digitally gathering for some well deserved and much needed Black Joy as we spring forward into BLACK SPRING AFROPUNK.