Devan Narsai


exclusive! new zealand collective blkcity crafts a love letter to the diaspora on “pogba”

March 31, 2021
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New Zealand super-group BLKCITY brings together some of the hottest vocalists on the island for a sound that highlights their diasporic roots.  The collective features Blaze the Emperror, JessB, Raiza Biza, Abdul Kay, & Mo Muse, each handing off their verses with an effortless charm. The production takes nods from Afrobeat with its effervescent guitar line, courtesy of Cameroonian producer Tony EF Beats. “POGBA” is the rare collective effort that’s more than the sum of its parts, each vocalist shines on their own terms, but the vocal handoff and interplay between the members brings out the best in each of them.


Mo Muse tells us “’Pogba’ is intended for all African diaspora spread across the globe.” JessB adds, “We are excited to continue the introduction of an Afro-influenced sound to the wider hip-hop listeners and fans here at home.”



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