let knomad spock take you on a journey with “egypt”

February 19, 2021

Full of lush swells and unexpected bursts of noise, Knomad Spock’s latest “Egypt” is a universe unto itself. The British-Somali artist conjures vast landscapes, flitting between disparate sounds that stretch from haunting folk beauty to pulsating indie rock tension and back again. Building from a simple acoustic guitar line to a full orchestra, the track fits more sonic depth into its 3 and a half minute runtime than most bands plumb in a career. Knomad Spock’s delicate voice holds the center with an understated power, whispering fractured poetry with a focused intensity. This is most definitely a song you’ll want to listen to on repeat.


Knomad Spock has a new record on the way, and a handful of projects in the works. Keep an eye out for more on Instagram @knomadspock