Victoria Sanders


oxymorrons bring that nyc braggadocio on the visuals for “green vision” + exclusive interview

January 18, 2021

NYC’s Oxymorrons are fast approaching legendary status. The sibling-led band has been a key part of the AP family since the beginning, and their latest recordings find the band at a new peak of creativity. Making the move to FEVER 333’s label 333 Wreckords has pushed the band to bring the heaviness that’s always been a hallmark of their live act into their recorded set. From their incendiary single “Justice” released this summer to their latest “Green Vision,” Oxymorrons are kicking 2021 off hard. We recently checked in with the band on the state of the NYC scene and how they stay creative while the world burns.



What was your vision for “Green Vision?”

Braggadocios NYC POC Rock. We wanted our “New Yorkness” to bleed through the record. A reintroduction into who we are and where we’re from (because y’all seem to have forgotten).

Your new tracks sound heavier than ever. What pushed you in that direction?

Our live show is very heavy, loud, high energy and we finally were able to match that in the studio. We have been evolving towards heavier sounds for a while and the timing was perfect. We stopped catering to major labels guidelines and expectations and just did the music that we wanted to make.

How has working with 333 Wreckords changed things for you?

Racism has gone down about 33% for us, and the scene seems to hold a little more space for us now. Funny how that works haha. It’s just a great feeling to be with a team of like minded individuals who believe in our message and are able to give us the most outlets to show it to the world.

How has the NYC scene evolved since your first releases?

A lot of bands haven’t survived the scene over the years. Some bands are still doing the same shit. DIY venues shut down every week. It’s the Wild West out here. It’s hard for there to be outlets for bands doing something different and interesting. However, we’re part of the new wave of NYC rock and we’re going stronger than ever. Only up from here.

What are your hopes for it moving forward?

Less white, less straight, less male. NYC is such a diverse place that is always evolving, and the music has to follow suit. Rock music has always been an expression of the times, so NYC rock should be even more different, weird, and cooler than everyone else.

Where many have struggled to be creative this past year, you’ve been on a roll. What’s motivated you?

Pandemic or not, we weren’t planning on stopping at all. We used it as more time to focus on our creative endeavors and keep pushing. All we’ve had is time, so we put that time to good use to keep writing.

What have you done to access joy this year?

Write more music. Play video games. Focus on the things that really matter.

What new non-musical skills or hobbies have you delved into over the pandemic?

Cooking, drinking, screaming into the abyss – although that doesn’t really feel like a new hobby. Learned how to open a pit in the living room. You know, normal stuff.

What things do you hope never to do again once it’s over?

Actually, we’ve created and built better habits and rituals for ourselves that we hope to continue carrying with us once it’s over. Maybe we can take a break from watching “The Office” if anything.

What new music do you have coming up that you want people to know about?

We’ve got a full project done and a few loosies. You’ll be hearing a lot of the OXYMORRONS this year babyyyyy!



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