lesibu grand’s latest single “hot glue gun” is cyberpunk perfection

December 16, 2020
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“I need a hot glue gun
Cause I think
The end of the world has begun”


I really cannot get enough of the technicolor cyberpunk of Lesibu Grand. The Atlanta-based project has the perfect marriage of righteous fury and wry humor that fuels the all the best punk rock. On their latest, the eminently catchy “Hot Glue Gun,” Lesibu Grand front-person Tyler-Simone Molton declares what all of us who know our way around a craft store know in our hearts: there is no problem that can’t be solved be the liberal application of hot glue. This apparently includes white supremacist capitalist cis-patriachy. (In hindsight it should have been obvious…)

Clad in her pink Power Ranger outfit, Molton fights the system in a world that’s equal parts Saturday morning cartoon and video game our parents wouldn’t let us play. It’s a level of joyful nostalgia harnessed towards the end of fighting the injustices of today that like the Konami code of yore hits all the right buttons.



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