Nathan J Rose (@Nathjrose)


premiere! spew’s ‘a.p.m.d.’ is a rager for the ages

November 27, 2020

A.P.M.D. (All Pigs Must Die), the latest from SPEW is an absolute gut punch. The EP is full of paint-peeling guitars and high octane vocals with a sound that calls back to hardcore’s golden era, but the tracks are definitively focused on the now. The standouts “Fight the Power” and “Mr. Big Shot” both marry a pulsing momentum and raw hardcore songcraft to songs that claw back at systems designed to oppress and the people who do nothing to fix it. It’s an absolute beast of an EP.


Singer and producer Tony Bontana fashions the EP as a call to action, telling us, “APMD is a reaction to my 2020. It’s channeling the sickness of the current world into controlled aggression. Therapy as such. APMD is a reminder to black people of all shapes and sizes that we have to be the change. For eachother and for ourselves.”


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