Nicole Austin-Garlington


premiere: brooklyn’s proper. digs deep on the aching “do over (trt remix)”

October 27, 2020

My favorite songs have always and will always be those that invite you to put on a pair of headphones and just disappear into their sonic universe for a few minutes. Proper. (fka Great Wight) is an indie band out of Brooklyn, whose latest single melds the atmosphere and depth of a chopped & screwed mix with the passion and intensity of indie rock. The result is the achingly dense “Do Over (TRT Remix),” which transforms the devastatingly jagged “Trill Recognize Trill” off 2019’s I Spent The Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better into a driving plea for a healthy kind of love. The vocals sear like an exposed nerve, while the warmth and texture of the sound envelops the listener like a bandage. “Do Over (TRT Remix)” is a salve for spiritual burns.



The band declares their goal is nothing short of “decolonizing and reclaiming rock music, the trio aims to show young black and brown kids their potential to pick up an instrument someday and thrive in a realm that’s reaped the benefits of black excellence for decades.” Singer Eric Garlington explains the inspiration for the new song, saying “Growing up predominantly in the South, chopped and screwed was one of my earliest musical discoveries. I’d finally found the sound to accompany my mind constantly wandering. Since then I’ve often pictured falsetto harmonies leading into a shoegaze-y daydream washed in reverb and ambiance. This track was us finally getting to materialize that.”

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