Luke Usry


premiere: lesibu’s “wfs” is the punk anthem we need

September 24, 2020
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Sometimes a song hits at the exact right moment in time, capturing the mood in a way that makes it an instant classic. That’s the case with Lesibu Grand’s new “WFS,” an exasperated cry into the void about a country that can’t be bothered to address even the smallest issues, let alone the big stuff. With the constant refrain “we don’t even try, cause we fucking suck,” singer Tyler-Simone runs through a list of injustices we could solve if we felt like it from criminal justice to healthcare to poverty. Like the best punk anthems, it’s cut through with a vein of nihilistic humor that only intensifies the rage beneath. This is the new American national anthem.



Tyler-Simone tells us: “We were deeply disturbed by what we were seeing as the Trump era dragged on, and we wanted to express those feelings in a song. There were so many issues flaring up that we decided to address them all in a very direct way, as the best punk songs always do. As we thought about the hot button issues in America today (gun control/violence, housing, poverty, healthcare, voting rights, and criminal justice), we realized that we, as a country, were not even trying to fix these problems and concluded that we can and should do a lot better. So we said, ‘wow, right now we fucking suck’ and the song was born.”

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And if you haven’t yet, donate to The Bail Project or the Lousiville Community Bail Fund to try to help fix this bullshit.