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langa mavuso looks for love in all the wrong places in his new single, panther

September 7, 2020
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In his new single, “Panther,” South African singer/songwriter Langa Mavuso paints a vivid picture of regrets, fueled by bottles of champagne–all in search of healing after a heartbreak. Produced by the duo Noble, “Panther” is a smooth and soulful offering. The expansive soundscapes allow Langa to lament on the escapades that have failed to fill the gaping void left during the demise of his relationship. “Panther” is so relatable because both Langa & Yanga are afraid to deal with feelings of love lost, so they end up seeking companionship in wrong places. Finally they realise that none of it can numb the pain. Lyrically, Langa is in a tug of war between his feelings of regret and his resolve to forget about his lost love. It creates a contrast when he delivers the lines “I still feel the heartache, fucked up on champagne, we’re running out, I’m coming down.” After all the debauchery, fast cars and fake friends–when the sun is up and there’s no refuge under the shadows of the night–Langa comes to a realisation that his world is hollow.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his new single, Langa says, “The song was inspired by a tumultuous time in my life where I had surrounded myself with many distractions to try and get over the pain and heartbreak of a difficult breakup, it captures how exhausting it became to pretend that things were alright with me after this relationship ended. It talks about the many distractions we use to run away from our emotions, whether it’s flashy cars and bottles of champagne to heal the pain, or seeking light in dark places.”

“Panther” follows Langa’s  first offering, “Love Lost” from his highly anticipated 2nd album which is scheduled for release on September 25 via Platoon.

Panther is out today across all streaming platforms and I hope you enjoy it as much as  I did.