geeks rejoice! we have the perfect virtual event for you.

September 4, 2020

With Covid-19 bringing convention season to an abrupt end, Black geeks were left with very little option to come together and bask in all things geeky. Lucky for us, conventions still thrive in the virtual world. With this in mind, Anime culture lifestyle site Goboiano has created a Geek Virtual Music Festival called GBX Black taking place on September 5th on Twitch. This is their latest addition to a number of GBX events. Creative director, Ian Freeman explains, 

“When things shut down, we understood. We all want to be safe. But we noticed that when some cons went virtual, we weren’t included back in the mix. And we get budgets and it’s not the same revenue, etc… (…) We had been working on the idea of a more curated experience from our flagship GBX event, and this just made sense. We could celebrate the blerd contribution to geek culture, give recording artists a platform to perform and expose more of the world to this Animerap, Nerdcore, Geekpop, movement.”

This event will be headlined by Richie Branson, Sammus and Mega Ran and hosted by acclaimed cosplayer Kiera Please. GBX Black will be a celebration of the African diaspora’s contribution to geek culture by bringing geek creatives and friends together in support of global initiatives addressing racism, including inside the geek community, and encourages attendees to take part in upcoming elections. Donations will be encouraged for Color of Change and When We All Vote.

The line up consists of well known artists in the Nerdcore con scene like Eye Q, and Javier Starks as well as artists within the community who have yet to grace con stages like cosplayer Rittybo. 

We will be attending and hope to see you there too! 

GBX Black takes place on September 5th at 3pm on Twitch.