bandcamp friday: 6 new releases you need to hear

September 4, 2020
136 Picks

Since the start of the pandemic, Bandcamp has waived their site fees for all purchases on the first Friday of every month. Here are some of our favorite records out now to get your month started right.


Rebelmatic – Ghost in the Shadows

One of the best punk bands to come out of New York’s scene in the last 20 years, Rebelmatic return with their heaviest offering yet. The 10 song set captures the indomitable energy of their live show with the tightest songwriting of their career. (Nathan Leigh)


Waahli – Soap Opera

Less than two years after releasing his first solo LP, Waahli drops Soap Opera, a short surprise EP, with a powerful new sound. This short EP reveals a more introspective Waahli, who raps and sings his joys and pains over a colorful soundscape. His lyrics display an original take on relationships, surviving breakups, celebrating life and taking one’s space. While we wait for a second full length record, this EP serves as a perfect summer appetizer. (Thembela Ngayi)


Oceanator – Things I Never Said

Elise Okusami’s latest as Oceanator makes poetry out of noise. The triumphantly fuzzed out Things I Never Said demands being played out on repeat. The layers of texture and tone that hover just beneath Okusami’s heartfelt vocals are the stuff that indie rock legends are made of. This is the perfect music for rainy days and revolutions both. (Nathan Leigh)


Bujin – Sergio

The new single features South African trumpeter Keegan Steenkamp, and is a soulfully languid, fever-dream-like lamentation… a saudade and a vivid sonic haunting. (Thembela Ngayi)


Overthrust – Demon Grave

Botswana death metal legends Overthrust have been laying low recently, but they’re back with 4 minutes and 41 seconds of pure stripped-down fury. “Demon Grave” is a blistering must-hear for fans of heavy music. (Nathan Leigh)


Wife Patrol – Too Prickly For This World

In the space of a single song, the Indianapolis trio jump from metal riffage to joyfully catchy pub rock without losing an ounce of power or effervescence. Wife Patrol’s Too Prickly For This World is overflowing with indelible hooks and defiant verses. Highlights like “Girl Cactus” and “Valentine Citrus” are determined to stick in your head for days. (Nathan Leigh)