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premiere: hollow sinatra sharpens his fangs on the blistering “false prophets”

August 25, 2020
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Like a mellon-baller to your cranial cavity, Hollow Sinatra’s music is a perfect melding of styles. Industrial, punk, jungle, hip-hop, and noise all collide in a ball of shrapnel to the violent systems of the world. His new single “False Prophets” sharpens the familiar industrial religion-bashing into a razor-edged denunciation of all those who attempt to use spiritual enlightenment as a vehicle to wealth and power. The single and its attendant EP, out this fall on In Real Life, is a must-hear for anyone who needs a little extra fire to drive them to get through the day.



The artist tells us that “False Prophets” was born of a frustration that “there’s a lot of things that needed to be said at the time. But no one actually knew how or what to say. This is me saying people with a certain power, that their actions never go unseen. And now they’re exposed, we, the people, have exposed them for what they really are. False Prophets”

Keep up with Hollow Sinatra at @hollowsinatra on Instagram and stay tuned for more info about the new EP.