premiere: anaïs & azekel inspire hope and healing with “learn to love”

August 14, 2020
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Black Love is powerful. It’s protective, it’s healing, it is comforting in a world that too often seems hellbent on making us as uncomfortable.  “Learn to Love”, the new song by UK singer Anaïs and singer/producer Azekel might seem like a duet about deep romantic love but their pledges of patience and tenderness extend beyond the love between man and woman to speak to the kind of care that unifies a people. Azakel explains:

“When we wrote this song together over a year ago, I was inspired by the sweet serenades of Bossa Nova and how they capture the timeless honesty and simplicity of love. Anaïs and I have known each other for a long time, so we were able to mutually tap into that space of intimacy together. After we recorded the song, we let it breathe for a few months, and we finally picked up on it.

During these turbulent times that we’ve been facing, it has brought my heart some peace and helped me focus on the relationships around me, with my friends and family. Though at its core, the song still captures devotional love and pure romance for me, the record has greatly expanded in meaning.”

For her part, Anaïs drives the point home citing the work of an African American thinker and literary genius as an inspiration:

“I’ve never been particularly interested in writing love songs in the past for many reasons, but after reading Bell Hooks’ All About Love, my understanding of how love should be expressed expanded. I finally felt like I had a space to explore that theme in my music.

I believe we could all benefit from learning how to love ourselves and the other better. The presence and the tenderness with which we can approach these acts of love can truly soften these hard times we are enduring. This is why this song means so much to me, it encourages me to nurture within myself and other a love that listens, that wants to grow, that is compassionate, patient, and generous.

I hope this song brings some warmth to those who listen.”