moonchild sanelly warns against hypocrisy in her new video “bashiri”

July 9, 2020
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South Africa’s “Queen of Gqom” with a larger than life personality, Moonchild Sanelly, takes a jab at fake pastors in her latest single, “Bashiri”. Released after signing to her new record label, Transgressive Records, “Bashiri” serves as a cautionary tale about fake pastors who prey on gullible followers for capital gain. The blue headed Sanelly delivers a psychedelic backdrop as visuals for the track, almost inducing the viewer into a trance like state, similar to how pastors swindle unsuspecting followers.

Moonchild Sanelly explains: “Bashiri is a song inspired by a woman’s testimony in a church where the pastor is treated like a god. There’s a culture of monetizing religion, people pay for ‘miracle oil’ that they must have to attend the service and guarantee miracles and the pastor lands at the service in a helicopter to perform his “miracles”.

In Bashiri, Moonchild tells the story from a disciple’s perspective, whose husband has been committing infidelity, until she takes him to the pastor who promises to make him faithful, if only she pays a fee for the miracle. Watch the video for “Bashiri”  and stay tuned for more news from Moonchild Sanelly.