afropunk mixtape #067: not my independence day

July 2, 2020
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“Independence” and “freedom” are words that mean very different things depending on who you are. For far too many Americans, freedom means the freedom to treat others how they want with no consequences. But true freedom, true independence is liberation from oppression. It’s a state we have not yet achieved. This month our mixtape features artists who dare to imagine what independence means. From punk pillars like Obnox, Ho99o9, and Rebelmatic to recent visionaries like Dua Saleh and Denzel Curry, our July Mixtape is a different kind of declaration of independence.


01. NNAMDI – Rage
02. Obnox – Cut Me A Switch
03. Dua Saleh – Body Cast
04. babygotbacktalk – Space Jam
05. Interlude: Ella Baker, 1974
06. Sault – Hard Life
07. Danny Denial – I’m Not Your Type (ft. DoNormaal)
08. Black Pantera – I Can’t Breathe
09. Terrence Martin – Pig Feet (ft. Denzel Curry & Kamasi Washington)
10. Interlude: Audre Lorde, 1979
11. Public Enemy – State of the Union (STFU)
12. Ho99o9 – Christopher Dorner
13. Fade Em All – ACAB Freestyle
14. Rebelmatic – Insult to Injury
15. Interlude: Malcolm X, 1964
16. Anahata – Blackout
17. Interlude: Malcolm X, 1964
18. Drea the Vibe Dealer – Sacrifice
19. Outro: Ella Baker, 1974