t.i.e. and the love process find fire in stasis on “life is not a waiting game”

May 13, 2020
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“Waiting / Everybody’s waiting / Waiting for change”

The most surprising thing about T.I.E.’s latest single “Life is Not a Waiting Game” is that it was written several years before a global pandemic turned the very concept of time on its ear. The haunting post-punk track has an anxious edge; barbed guitar lines rest uneasily on top of a dub rhythm section while T.I.E.’s vocals switch between Wolof, Sérere, French, and English pronouncing stark lyrics about the urgency of living. It’s a song that revels in the intersection of hope and anxiety, exploding like a matter/anti-matter reaction. The track and video come from T.I.E.’s forthcoming EP Pangool, due out later this month. The visuals by David Rybojad & Mike Horn are a work of art on their own terms, like the song itself, it’s haunting, tense, and stunning.



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