Semaj M. Harbin


ovrkast finds strength in solitude in the “try again” video

May 4, 2020

“I’m sick of thinking I don’t do enough …” says 22-year-old rapper/producer Ovrkast on the title cut from his album Try Again and in this time, when current events and our emotional response to them have all but crippled our collective productivity, that line hits differently than it did when the album dropped in January.

Now the everyday anxieties of an indie artist trying to make it are magnified by circumstance and in the beautiful new Ryosuke Tanzawa-directed video for the track we a get visual of Ovrkast as an artist in his own head. Creeping sunlight illuminates black and white scenes of Ovrkast in isolation and contemplation at home like many of us are. Defeat doesn’t come from this introspection but rather self -actualization and the realization that doubt is part of the creative process. For Ovrkast life itself is about trial and error and perseverance: “This is never over, its a circle, says the wise-beyond-his-years artist. “You just have to remember to try again.”