April 2, 2020
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With more time on our hands than usual – discovering new artists is a productive and fulfilling activity. Listening to these talents has helped soothe during this troubling time we find ourselves in. If you’re on the hunt for someone new to inspire –  please meet Rhys Langston, an artist to watch. We spoke to the artist about his latest work.

My Musical Style:
As contradictory as it sounds I make “alternative” rap that is at the front of experimental trends while remaining accessible and engaging. Think hearing raps breaking language while breaking your neck head nodding to the beats. Like medicine with spoonfuls of sugar, radical Black theory gone colloquial over raw compositions, songs for the cool nerds who neither need to prove their coolness or their nerd credentials. After playing with these ideas for years, I went ahead wrote a 104 page book with my last album Language Arts Unit. The book is the album is the book is the combination, mirroring the equal importance I put in messages and in grooves.

Mom and Dad, My Brother, My Step Parents, Saul Williams, Talib Kweli, TV on the Radio, The Pharcyde, Reggie Watts, George Carlin, Douglas Kearney, A Tribe Called Quest, Erik Satie, Shabazz Palaces, Terry Gilliam, Busdriver, Janelle Monae, Kerry James Marshall, Open Mike Eagle, Steve Abee, R.A.P. Ferreira, Freddie Hubbard, Lil Wayne, Kevin Young, and then some.

How Can People Support at This Time:
I was fortunate to drop my album just before the whole public health crisis hit, and got a little momentum with a week and a half to rollout the project. However, my release show got cancelled as well as all my tours when things got locked down mid-March.

So right now the best way to support is to buy a copy of the album’s paperback book on Bigcartel: It comes with a free download of the record on page 40.

Also the digital album and a cassette are available on Bandcamp:



Album on all platforms AVAILABLE HERE.